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It’s going down the Bach

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Bach's musical genius is perhaps second to none.

Via wit, history and video, our music columnist explores groundbreaking – and very cool – contributions to the fabric of classical music (and contemporary rock too) by Johann Sebastian Bach, timeless Leipzig celebrity, as Bach Festival approaches.

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The Lure of the Dark

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Included in this post is a very concise and highly personal list of definitive landmark albums of the Wave Gothic sound (with accompanying YouTube videos).

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Striking Lebanese songstress to perform in Leipzig, May 21

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Yasmine Hamdan is a woman that gave blood to many a vampire-enthusiast’s heart with her cameo appearance in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive. She’s quite an impressive woman, that Yasmine. It’s the self-assured (and very gorgeous) appearance in Jarmusch’s ode to darkness that lets her take center stage just when she starts to sing. Listen to the somber tones of a deep and well-controlled baritone, radiating the desire of a brooding volcano to erupt. Match it with a very feminine appearance in black western clothes to evoke quite an intriguing and beguiling picture.

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