Nora Karakashian

Nora is a student from the U.S. who is currently in Germany as part of the CBYX PPP citizen exchange program. She is a passionate environmentalist, community organizer and social science student, and fundraiser for humanitarian relief efforts.

Finding comfort in being alone


Growing up, I always heard negative connotations about being alone. As a result, I also thought of it as such. However, as I mature I’m starting to question if being alone is all that bad. I have always thought of myself as a social person. I surrounded myself with a group of friends and consider


Schreberish: a new appreciation for old gardens


Cities are captivating. There is an abundance of activity within them, with a constant commotion and busyness. But this busyness is precisely why cities can be overwhelming and claustrophobic. I’ve lived in multiple cities, but Leipzig is exceptional among them because of its numerous parks and gardens. I was always of the false mindset that