Classical music

Ukraine: solidarity through the arts


On Thursday I was really busy, as usual. I knew A Concert for the Whole World would be broadcast live from Ukraine at 5 PM. On top of that, I knew I could watch it later. I debated. This could be heavy. Musicians of the Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic were playing a concert from a bomb


Interview: Liverpool Philharmonic conductor Vasily Petrenko in Leipzig


In this in-depth interview with world-renowned conductor Vasily Petrenko ahead of his live performances in Leipzig, Maximilian Georg asks him about his experience with Covid, his influences, personal history, life goals and everything in between.


A lady, a piano & the classical music “cage”


With classical musicians held to such strict rules and standards today, we may want to choose to simply sit back, relax and not pick apart minute details of their concerts - since, according to our reviewer, they'll almost certainly be good anyway.