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Sabine grew up in the idyllic suburbs, appreciating the benefits and offers of a city close by. Apart from a short au pair stint in London, this anglophile music lover never left her hometown, because she never saw a point in doing so. At the local university she threw herself into the humanities, where she followed her passion for the English language, names and the arts. At the university’s radio station she lived out her adoration for musicians who are always a tad out of the ordinary. The avid cyclist values things that are cleverly designed and done properly. The only thing she loves more than music is food enjoyed with family or friends. In her garden, preferably.

Peter Piek: traveling is more than a “+”

in Glocal/Leipzig/Reviews

Music writer Sabine talks to multi-talented Peter Piek about his fifth studio album called ‘+’. 27 Mar concert at Neues Schauspiel.

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The Kills: like a phoenix from cold ashes

in Music
The Kills have returned with their fifth album. Here's an overview that's sure to whet your appetite for it.
By alterna2 -, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons.

It is still only the two of them and their drum machine, churning out a hybrid of blues and garage rock that remains recognisable as uniquely from The Kills.

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Rising poet David Wozniak

in Culture / Entertainment/Poetry
Poetry and prose

David, who is studying medicine in the daytime, has a knack for combining his love of words with the subject of his studies.

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A Night at the Indie Küche

in Lifestyle/Music
Indie Kuche from their Facebook

Are you really an Indie fan? prove it at the Indie Kuche.

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Raise the Curtain for… Sophie Hunger!

in Arts/Concerts/Culture / Entertainment/Music

Our music columnist Sabine has Sophie Hunger’s Supermoon on repeat. You can hear why live 5 Sept.

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Ezra Furman: this summer’s must-listen

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Music

Our live music expert is in trouble this week. Busy schedules leave no room to experience live music, and the band she wishes to see most is not coming to Leipzig at all. So all she can do is listen to their record while commuting or working in the garden and watch out for future concerts.

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