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Going West – Sachsen in Alberta

in Lifestyle/Travel
Alberta, Canada
Alberta. Photo by jameswheeler on Pixabay

“Hier ist kein Berg zu hoch, keine Strecke zu weit, keine Einladung zu spontan.”

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The body remembers when the world broke open

in Film festival/Movies/Reviews/Society
The Body Remembers
Photo by DAVIDCOHEN, public domain

“The Body Remembers is a critical, insightful portrayal of the reality young indigenous women of color in Canada face today. The film excels at telling this disturbing story with fresh insights and a perspective often lacking in popular culture.”

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Bridges of (Com)passion: Canada in Leipzig

in Glocal/My Leipzig/Philosophies
How do Canada and Germany differ culturally?

Bi-cultural seesaw: How do Canadian and German cultures compare, in the eyes of a Leipzig-based Canadian with Anglo-German background?

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Edgar Leciejewski: A Circle Full of Ecstasy

in Arts/O & P Highlights
Edgar Leciejewski, A Circle Full of Ecstasy at Spinnerei archiv massiv, photo maeshelle west-davies

The familiar is reconfigured to create an intriguing commentary on society.

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Plagwitz: a kind of correspondence

in Cityscapes/Leipzig
Westwerk in Plagwitz photo by A. KLIUSHNYK

There is an old Jewish proverb I love: “We don’t see things as they are but as we are.”

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Reflections on Sleep Made Sullen

in Literature/Travel
Photo via Visualhunt

For some reason, I understood and yet didn’t understand what was spoken because in the dream I began to cry.

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