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Saturday fail and redemption at WGT

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The magnificent meets the mundane in this photo story starring obvious newbies and evident veterans of Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

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Following yonder star: She Owl

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Jolanda Moletta and Demian Endian, She Owl. (Photo: Giorgio Violino)
Jolanda Moletta and Demian Endian, She Owl. (Photo: Giorgio Violino)

“I pause now, and rewind ‘Glass’ several times to breathe in old memories that taste and smell like gold Marlboros. Flash cards of faces and streets are part submerged in the reverb of this music. I feel so much gratitude swelling through my heart.”

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Meeting the elusive Pam de Bahr

in Arts
Pam de Bahr and some new acquaintances made at Stadtteilexpeditionen on Eisenbahnstr.

Last Saturday, Leipzig-based American artist Maeshelle West-Davies┬áinvited me to meet up with her on Eisenbahnstra├če.┬áShe was┬átouring the neighborhood┬áas part of Leipzig Stadtteilexpeditionen, headed by Diana Wesser. In it, people join up in groups to go around and get to know the different communities in Leipzig, one at a time, talking to locals at stands and…

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