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Interview: How English helps integration


Ever wondered how to employ over 1 million refugees? Chris Pyak - our expert hero of the week - explains why it won't be a problem.


Travel and being a total foreigner

In China, I was blissfully a toddler; as soon as I returned to Germany, I was reminded of my inadequacy.


Leipzig Events: Stand-up comedy in English at Stoned this Saturday

An international team of Berlin-based comedians will come to Leipzig this Saturday to start off August just right - with raucous laughter (hopefully).


April 23-29: Movies shown in #Leipzig in English and other original languages, and 3 alternative film festivals

Our regular Wednesday listing of movies playing in Leipzig in “OmU,” “OV” and “OF” for the next seven days has something extra to announce today: There are three (!) film festivals going on this movie week (Thurs-Wed) in Leipzig. All of them feature at least some movies not dubbed in German and instead shown in their original foreign


April 16-22: Listing of movies playing in #Leipzig in their original foreign languages including English

Here we go again with our new weekly feature! The menu of diverse genres keeps expanding, of movies playing in Leipzig in “OmU,” “OV” and “OF.” Not as few and far between as you may have thought. If it’s in a language you don’t know at all, rest assured that there should be at least German