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On the constitution of the populist wave

in Opinion/Philosophies/Politics
constitutions and populist wave
Public domain image

How can 0.13 percent of the vote win an election?

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Climate change and what you can do

in Glocal/Leipzig tips/Lifestyle
Climate change
Photo courtesy of Jaymantri

Climate change is a global issue but we can do something as an individual to battle it, too. Find out the most effective steps you can take towards a better future.

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Saxony Elected: reasons to cheer and worry

in Leipzig/Politics
Saxony elected
Dresden. Public domain photo

Disaster averted. The far-right, anti-immigrant and climate-change-denying AfD was not the number one political force. But with 27.5 percent of total votes in Saxony, the AfD gained more support from state voters than all left-of-center political parties.

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Georgia: ancient cave town to mountaintop church

in History/Travel
Mount Kazbegi. (Photo by Hikersbay)

“My lasting memory of Sighnaghi is, without a doubt, the relaxed stupor the place lured me into. This is aside from the layers of juxtaposing splendor afforded by the combination of adorable architecture, unspoiled fields and assertive mountains.”

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Harari: preaching science with hope and love

in Literature/Society
Yuval Noah Harari in Amsterdam, 24 April 2018. Photo by Olivier Middendorp, courtesy of the Yahav-Harari Group LTD

“In a world of religious believers, ethnic wars and racism, why would an author dethroning each of these beliefs become so popular? Why do believers in God, Marxism or the nation buy a book telling them their gods are nothing but chimeras?”

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Leipzig elects City Council and European Parliament

in Leipzig/Politics
Leipzig decides
Leipzig Town Hall Photo: Creative Commons

Get out the vote in Leipzig! We’re in the process of interviewing candidates, to publish answers in both German and English. German as well as EU citizens are eligible to vote in both elections, but must act quickly to register.

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