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LiveGlo with Felix Caz at WGT 2017

in My Leipzig/What's on by

In the first episode of LiveGlo, Felix Caz gets up close and personal with the WGT crowd.

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WGT Goth Festival 2016: Picnic in the park

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig by

Simply striking. See for yourself.

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Guide to Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016

in Culture / Entertainment/My Leipzig by

Where to find the coolest events related to the world’s biggest gothic fest, running in Leipzig this weekend.

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Follow the night this long weekend

in Events by

Even if you are not a Eurovision fan, this long weekend will be full of music.

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Gothic fest 2015 in 69 photos

in Lifestyle by

The underground Goth world comes above ground in Leipzig every Pentecost.

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The Lure of the Dark

in Music by

Included in this post is a very concise and highly personal list of definitive landmark albums of the Wave Gothic sound (with accompanying YouTube videos).

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