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The Leipzig-Damascus Coffeehouse

in Arts/Glocal
Alison Mackay Photography: Sian Richards

With theatrical sets and lighting, two narrators and projected images, the audience [in Canada] will go on a journey set in the year 1736 to two coffeehouses in Leipzig and Damascus, cities famous for their trade fairs, their scholarship and their coffee culture.

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Great career vs great adventure

in Glocal/Start up

I thought about how much time I spend in the office, and how much time I spend on the computer when I am not. While I was on the trail, what I saw before my eyes seemed so much more real than what I saw back at home. I yearned to feel alive, and at that very time and place, I did.

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The Sheikh and the City

in History/Leipzig
The Sheikh and the City, photo Chris Engberts

Thinking of Leipzig I thought of learned middle-aged men, feverishly working printers and book publishers, and a gallant beau monde. Times seemed to have changed and I should have known.

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Ins and outs of a professional extra

in Leipzig/Movies
Photo courtesy Peggy Spitzner.

What do you do if you want to become an extra? It can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work in more than one way.

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Why I chose Leipzig over Berlin

in Glocal/Leipzig/Leipzig tips

Choosing Leipzig over Berlin for a vacation to practice the language changed the course of this young Italian woman’s life – and now she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Leipzig meets Colombia

in Culture / Entertainment/Glocal/Leipzig
Get a taste of a Colombia you may not have known about, without leaving Leipzig. Drawing courtesy of Gina Escobar.

“Throughout the years I have encountered people with interesting ideas on Colombia. Some have asked about its location, most have mentioned cocaine, others have asked if we speak Portuguese… Colombian Weekend is an invitation to explore a different face of Colombia.”

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