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Overnight in a haunted house in Plagwitz

in Arts/My Leipzig/Philosophies
  • PDPN_DanaErsing-5.jpg?fit=863%2C576&ssl=1
    Photo: Dana Ersing / Westflügel
  • PDPN_DanaErsing-4.jpg?fit=863%2C576&ssl=1
    Photo: Dana Ersing / Westflügel

What do you get when you put a dagger, a creepy doll, a metronome and groups of strangers across cots in a big dark room?

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Hallucinogenic trip without the pesky side effects

in Arts/Leipzig tips/What's on
Hallucinogenic installation at KKW
Giganten der Renaissance @ KKW. (Photo: Luca Migliore)

“It’s as if all the stiffness and the physical barriers between you and the art had been broken. Sitting still the whole time, you’re constantly surrounded by it as it moves all around you, 360 degrees.”

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Pilotenkueche at its best: floating rooms, slasher films

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/My Leipzig
Atsuko Mochida, Floating Room 1, Alte Handelsschule, Photo: Samra Sabanovic, © PILOTENKUECHE Art Program

The vernissage will give you a chance to engage with the artists and their work that raises important social, political and personal questions, product of their immersion into the PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program in Leipzig.

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Eileen Dreher installs her world and ours

in Arts
Jorge, 2014 - by Eileen Dreher
Jorge, 2014

Eileen Dreher creates a temporary and delicate structure which refers to terms of responsibility, environment and society.

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FUNkyFRIdayz: time and space connected through dance

in Arts/FUNkyFRIdayz
video still of maeshelle west-davies FUNkyFRIday video installation

for those who dance to another tune….and those who don’t

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Arts and Culture: Quintessenz, Everything is borrowed

in Arts/Events
IBug 2015 Quintessenz photo maeshelle west-davies

How can you be original in today’s society of visual overload?

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