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In 2019, Leipzig elects all 70 members of the City Council (Stadtrat) and the four Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from Saxony. This election is not just one more boring election, but one that can define the fate of Leipzig and Europe. The Leipzig Glocal will provide exclusive interviews with candidates. It will follow up on the results and also cover the state elections later in the year.

Saxony state elections: the candidates had their say

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Saxony Elects
"Saxony Elects" debate at Basislager, 12 August 2019. (Photo: ARBEIT UND LEBEN Sachsen)

The Saxon state elections are this Sunday. If you are eligible to, don’t forget to go vote! Recently we organized a debate with six of the candidates, and here are some insights.

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Saxony Elects: encouraging startup spirit and diversity

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Saxony Elects audience
Audience at the "Saxony Elects" debate, Leipzig, 12 August 2019. (Photo: ARBEIT UND LEBEN Sachsen e.V.)

A review of the Saxon election candidates’ debate earlier this week at Basislager Coworking, focusing on entrepreneurship and inclusion of foreigners.

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Saxony Elects: Meet the candidates face-to-face

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Saxony Elects - Dresden
Dresden, the seat of the Saxon government. Public domain photo

Want to help fight the blue menace? Ask the people hoping to represent us in Dresden what they plan to do. 12 August at Basislager Coworking Leipzig. AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO!

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Opinion: On European elections and German divisions

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Elections: Analysis on German results
Elections: Analysis on German results

“East Germans are often portrayed as racist naysayers who are unable to look at themselves as the cause of their problems. The history of the GDR is often reduced to the Stasi. The two parties that picked up on these perceptions are DIE LINKE and the AfD, with the latter being far more successful.”

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Leipzig elections: Die Linke and Grüne win; AfD grows

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meet the candidates
European Parliament in Brussels. Public domain photo

In Leipzig, Die Linke won in percentage of votes for city council, and Die Grünen for the European Parliament. Still, the far-right AfD had the most impressive gains, now having more city council seats than the SPD, besides a lawmaker in Brussels.

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Meet the Candidates: Korzer and Biederstedt (Grüne)

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Leipzig city center. (Photo: Maeshelle West-Davies)

Marcus Korzer and Martin Biederstedt (Grüne) leben in Leipzig und kandidieren für den Stadtrat im Wahlkreis 9, Leipzig-Nordost. Our aim is for our audience to get to meet the candidates and know their political stances better. All questions and answers are provided in German and English.

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