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Literary Parlor: Sabbagh’s poetry and prose personas

in Literature/Philosophies
Architecture in Lebanon, public domain photo

We talk to the brilliant author and literary scholar Omar Sabbagh, London-born of Lebanese parents, currently working as Associate Professor at the American University in Dubai. He moves in between the worlds of writing academic papers, poetry and prose.

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Buckingham Palace sold; royals forced out

in Society
Where would the queen go after leaving Buckingham Palace?
Where would the queen go after leaving Buckingham Palace?

Can we blame the Russians for this one, too?

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“Whence do you know the happiness of fish?”

in Arts/Philosophies
tin-tong chang

Last night I saved the life of a fish by ordering a pizza.

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Sadiq Khan: A fresh face in London

in Opinion/Politics
By Diliff - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org

His election is a milestone in UK politics that may well equal that of the first female Prime Minister.

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I left Leipzig but Leipzig never left me

in Leipzig/Travel
Debra at Pushkin, photo courtesy author

Fellow journalist and blogger Débora Miranda describes how moving from Lisbon to Leipzig changed her life. Several years later, it has led her to write a book about her experiences as a European (and world) citizen since that very first step in 2006.

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