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NYE and New Year’s DAY prep starts NOW

in Leipzig/Lifestyle
Times Square the morning after NYE, Photo credit: Anthony Quintano via Visual hunt / CC BY

It’s now, never or späti!

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Halloween Events: Our insanely large list of Halloween parties in Leipzig

in Events/Party
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

I’m not exaggerating. There are 20 of them!

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A love letter to a certain Polish vodka

in Lifestyle/Party
Some of my most memorable (forgotten) nights were with this vodka in Wroclaw.

It’s perhaps as much a “love letter” to the vodka Żubrówka as it is to the crazy, unforgettable year (except for the nights I don’t remember) I spent as an Erasmus Mundus student in what would become one of my favorite cities ever, whose party map I came to know like the palm of my hand.

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Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain, Part II – Madrid

in Travel
Me toasting the gods with Mahou at Templo de Debod, Madrid. Photo by M. Todeschini.

My mission in Madrid this time around, with an old like-minded friend and now a local of the city: to experience some of the best in food, drink, nightlife and general fun across Madrid’s barrios, without so much of the obvious sightseeing – with a bit of work thrown in, believe it or not.

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Throwback Poetry: The empty, party-fueled aftermath of a #breakup and learning how to heal properly

in Poetry
Poetry and prose

In the past, in the aftermath of a breakup from a long-term relationship, I tended to seek out constant external stimulation (besides validation). I tended to try to “stay high” on the rush of fleeting romances and parties that, after the fact, only left me feeling more alone and empty.

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