Neues bei Grieg – infusing tradition with new energy


Leipzig has long been renowned for its musical influence. This is due, in no small part, to being the home of Bach as well as the place of his burial. Several statues, books, and plaques can be found around town notarizing his musical history and impact on Leipzig. But Leipzig boasts many other musical influences.


Michiko Saiki’s Voices of Women: on Acceptance and Affirmation


How to bore an audience: provide one-dimensional characters. So many of us are pigeon-holed and stereotyped. In her multimedia performance, Voices of Women (Stimmen der Frauen), Michiko Saiki examines the multiplicity that is woman. We are not just baby-making machines. We are living, breathing creatures with unique stories to tell. Look into our eyes. Read


A lady, a piano & the classical music “cage”


With classical musicians held to such strict rules and standards today, we may want to choose to simply sit back, relax and not pick apart minute details of their concerts - since, according to our reviewer, they'll almost certainly be good anyway.