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Anxiety: a loyal and treacherous companion

in Philosophies/Society
Anxiety is a loyal and treacherous lady.
Anxiety is a loyal and treacherous lady.

I have known her well, as long as I’ve been conscious of my own existence.

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About a boy (who “hates” his mother)

in Opinion/Society
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Often we don’t realize that the people we are closest to are the ones we tend to hurt the most.

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4 simple tips to conquer (winter) mood dips

in Lifestyle/Philosophies

Some quick fixes for mild cases of the winter blues.

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Poem: The tale of Rosie and Sally

in Philosophies/Poetry
Photo credit: bobosh_t via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Magnetic, she knew how to make one feel special.

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Interview: who’s to say you’re not normal?

in Philosophies/Society
Normality is in the eye of the beholder
Normality is in the eye of the beholder. Public domain photo

“A psychiatric diagnosis often lasts a lifetime and should be done with the same care as choosing a spouse or a house.” Commemorating World Mental Health Day 2016, and calling for more care for the sick, but also less over-diagnosing.

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Estrangement – Grieving For Those Still ‘There’

in Philosophies
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“I rest on the pillow in the grey morning light with the bitter knowledge I have come back to myself but my brother never will.”

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