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Death as a figment, life as tiny details

in Opinion/Philosophies

Call it my own version of faith.

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I won’t be home for the holidays

in Glocal/Philosophies

But perhaps I do wish I were rooted somewhere.

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Interview: Who got Christianity wrong?

in Philosophies/Society

“Although they call themselves traditionalists, they are really ‘pop culture Christians’ reading into the Gospels non-existent antipathy to things like gay marriage and socialized medicine.”

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Mawlid: Happy birthday Muhammad

in History

Today is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in most Muslim countries.

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Ahmadiyya Muslims: fighting hatred with an open door

in Action/Community
Flowers and door - tolerance
Public domain photo

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, which actively promotes peace and tolerance in the face of discrimination, invites the Leipzig community to its “Day of the Open Door” on 3 October.

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Athos: Greece’s “Holy Mountain” on film

in Movies/Reviews/Travel
Athos the documentary has lovely cinematography but fails to capture the spiritual depth of the Holy Mountain. Review and showtimes: https://leipglo.com
Witold Rawicz, Athos 13, Crop, CC BY-SA 3.0 /w/index.php?curid=211288

As a woman who is not allowed to step inside Athos, I have often found it interesting to read about the Holy Mountain and watch documentaries on it. You can catch a showing in Leipzig this Sunday afternoon.

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