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I won’t be home for the holidays

in Glocal/Philosophies

But perhaps I do wish I were rooted somewhere.

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Interview: Who got Christianity wrong?

in Philosophies/Society

“Although they call themselves traditionalists, they are really ‘pop culture Christians’ reading into the Gospels non-existent antipathy to things like gay marriage and socialized medicine.”

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Mawlid: Happy birthday Muhammad

in History

Today is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in most Muslim countries.

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Ahmadiyya Muslims: fighting hatred with an open door

in Action/Community
Day of the Open Door. (Photo: public domain)
Day of the Open Door. (Photo: public domain)

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, which actively promotes peace and tolerance in the face of discrimination, invites the Leipzig community to its “Day of the Open Door” on 3 October.

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Athos: Greece’s “Holy Mountain” on film

in Movies/Reviews/Travel
Athos the documentary has lovely cinematography but fails to capture the spiritual depth of the Holy Mountain. Review and showtimes: https://leipglo.com
Witold Rawicz, Athos 13, Crop, CC BY-SA 3.0 /w/index.php?curid=211288

As a woman who is not allowed to step inside Athos, I have often found it interesting to read about the Holy Mountain and watch documentaries on it. You can catch a showing in Leipzig this Sunday afternoon.

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Terrorism in Europe: remembering the IRA

in Opinion/Politics/Society
detail of photo of the aftermath of an IRA bomb at the Houses of Parliament back in 1974 as seen in the Telegraph

Thinking back on the rash of terrorist attacks by so-called Christians in the hearths of the UK in the 1970s might help put things into perspective.

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