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Terrorism in Europe: remembering the IRA

in Opinion/Politics/Society
detail of photo of the aftermath of an IRA bomb at the Houses of Parliament back in 1974 as seen in the Telegraph

Thinking back on the rash of terrorist attacks by so-called Christians in the hearths of the UK in the 1970s might help put things into perspective.

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Leipzig Catholics: the 4.4%

in Opinion
Photo credit: ULTRAbstract via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Let’s just imagine for a moment the outrage, if it had been Leipzig’s Muslim 3% instead of the Catholic 4.4% getting this support and spotlight.

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A look back at the Leipzig Katholikentag

in Philosophies
Everything you wanted to know about Katholikentag and the Catholic faith but were afraid to ask. https://leipglo.com
Final mass on Augustusplatz on Sunday, May 29, with ca. 20,000 people participating.

“Wasn’t it a good thing after all?”

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Haiku: Divine

in Arts/Philosophies
Public domain image

Today’s micropoetry.

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A chat with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt

in Society

Brazilian writer Felipe Cherubin, who has worked as a journalist for Estado de S. Paulo and studied (and extensively read and dissected even on his free time) philosophy and psychology, managed to land this fascinating interview in English with Jonathan Haidt. A social psychologist, Haidt, in his own words, studies “morality and emotion, and how they vary across cultures.” The interview featured here – a sort of philosophy of psychology and psychology of philosophy – touches on a range of issues including nature vs. nurture, the marginalization of Darwin, the moral cult of religious leaders and philosophers, and eating one’s own pet dog.

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