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Soviet Union

Confusing, intriguing, surprising Minsk

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Minsk, Belarus. (Photo: public domain)

“It surpassed all my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone for a city break, not even just to a communist history geek like myself.”

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Armenia and its revolution of hope

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Yerevan, Armenia. (Photo: public domain)

“What are the words one uses to describe something that they thought would never happen? Something that just weeks ago would have been laughed at as unrealistic?”

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Bridge of Spies

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Steven Spielberg’s latest movie stars Tom Hanks as an Atticus Finch-type character defending a marginalized person in American society: in this case a suspected Soviet spy in the Cold War era. You can catch the movie at Leipzig’s Luru Kino tonight.

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#GoingGlocal: “Thank you for your letter,” Part IV

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“My sudden love affair with Aitmatov nearly made me flunk my German exam in tenth grade. ‘Heroes of Our Everyday Socialist Life’ was to be the topic of our written compositions. I wrote an essay about Aitmatov’s novel The Place of the Skull. [My German teacher] managed to save me from flunking. But Aitmatov saved me even more. I never again thought in clichés about Russians and the many other peoples in the gigantic empire that was soon to crumble.”

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#GoingGlocal: “Thank you for your letter,” Part III

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“In history class, I single-handedly denigrated the Soviet Union. We were sitting with our textbooks open. I felt bored. There was a photo of Lenin on the page. With my ballpoint pen, I drew Lenin an earring and a Mohican haircut… Forty years earlier in Thuringia, a schoolgirl had adorned a portrait of Stalin with her lipstick. Erika Riemann spent the rest of her youth in Soviet prison camps.”

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#GoingGlocal: “Thank you for your letter,” Part II

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No planes, no ships needed – the world cruise can be undertaken in four days, on foot, by bike, by tram to the Leipzig Book Fair.

Part II of this five-part series depicts the beginning of the accidental pen-pal relationship between Diana growing up in the GDR and a girl growing up in the Soviet Union – the pivot of the whole story. We welcome readers to share their transnational cultural experiences with us, as well.

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