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#Black Lives Matter: understanding structural racism

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Recent events in the United States have us asking questions. We are not talking about a few rogue racist cops here.

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Into the coup

in Opinion/Politics by

What lessons can we learn from Turkey, Venezuela and Egypt?

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The Euro Cup’s Best Eleven

in Sports by
If you could pick your Best Eleven, who would they be? (Euro Cup 2016) http://leipglo.com

Whom would you pick if you had a chance to form your dream football team?

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Why the Euro Cup is like Game of Thrones

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Parallels between the Euro Cup and hit series Game of Thrones. http://leipglo.com

Will you go for the Starks (Germany) or Lannisters (France)? Will the Night King (Cristiano Ronaldo) be able to stave off Daenerys’s Dragons (Wales)?

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British expats in Leipzig react to Brexit

in Politics by
The Leipzig Glocal has gauged the reaction of British expats in Leipzig to Brexit.

“They’re sitting on the doorstep with tear-streaked faces, defiantly telling anyone who’ll listen that they didn’t want to live there anyway, but secretly feeling lost and alone. It’s an image I just can’t shake.”

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The Euro sputter Cup

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Euro Cup not living up to expectations - a sputtering start. Commentary http://leipglo.com.

It is troubling that the hooligans are putting more passion into the game than the players themselves.

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