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Post-Brexit vote: united in divisions

in Glocal/Politics by

What can the EU learn from Brexit?

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English Breakfast, anyone?

in Glocal/Politics by

Please EU, just have a cup of tea and be patient, scrambled eggs are off the menu.

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Finding Africa outside Brazil

in Society by
I'd grown up in Brazil in the 1990s knowing nothing about Africa except for the tragic images shown on TV, or cultural stereotypes. It took moving away from Brazil for me to get to know a different Africa, although Brazilian politicians like to capitalize on bonds between Brazil and the continent, and there being a large Afro-descendant population in Brazil. http://leipglo.com

They’d show us Africa as a hopeless place, and as a distant place.

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British expats in Leipzig react to Brexit

in Politics by
The Leipzig Glocal has gauged the reaction of British expats in Leipzig to Brexit.

“They’re sitting on the doorstep with tear-streaked faces, defiantly telling anyone who’ll listen that they didn’t want to live there anyway, but secretly feeling lost and alone. It’s an image I just can’t shake.”

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Remain resolution on Brexit

in Philosophies/Politics by

Harald summons everything from the Ice Age to David Beckham to tell us why the UK should remain.

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Will we ever reach the stars?

in Society/Travel by

“The idea that we are incapable of reaching beyond the solar system allows me to sleep at night.”

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