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“Pre Work” party trend hits Leipzig

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig by
INNSIDE by Meliá, a recently opened hotel in Leipzig, is now hosting bi-weekly pre work parties. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE Leipzig

It’s early morning on a work day. You spot spinning records and Bloody Mary’s – with or without alcohol. You can pick your poison, or your elixir.

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Keren Shalev: Boat Wreck

in Arts/O & P Highlights by

Keren Shalev didn’t feel a meaningful connection to Ireland before she went, but once she got there she felt completely immersed with her surroundings immediately.

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Martin Kohlstedt: rewiring piano

in Concerts/Music by

Lenka tells us why she loves Martin Kohlstedt. Leipglo does too and is offering 2 free tickets to his upcoming show at Täubchenthal.

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Annuluk: Beautiful And Massive

in Concerts/Music by

With their new album Annuluk’s shamanistic sound just got heavy, very heavy

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Small German label fires off “Racist Friend”

in Music by
Small German label We Rock Like Crazy comes out of retirement temporarily to release the anti-racist compilation "Racist Friend." http://leipglo.com

An anti-racist, electronic wake-up call featuring a dose of musical diversity.

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