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Robin Abramovic, the artist with he(art)

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“When you only produce art to please people, it ceases to be authentic.”

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The future of Kunstkraftwerk

in Cityscapes/Culture / Entertainment by

The overall feeling is not one of decay, but of renewal.

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Overland travel on a shoestring budget

in Travel by
Overland travel without a car proved to be less difficult than my travel partner and I thought while going from Boston to Philadelphia to Pittsburgh to Chicago. http://leipglo.com

No need to be stranded without a car in the US… at least where we went.

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Leipzig’s Urban Prairie / Leipzig’s Dream Spaces

in Cityscapes/History by

Apart from intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Leipzig exhibits another type of freedom that is the envy of every growing metropolis: spatial freedom.

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Belo Horizonte, arts and culture hub

in Lifestyle/Travel by

“Belo Horizonte became home to charming small art galleries and a flourishing startup scene, also known as San Pedro Valley, which shook things up in the business realm of my old city. So if you have been gentrified out of Berlin or Leipzig is already too cool, that might be a feasible option.”

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Did you know: Leipzig’s 4 most exciting contemporary construction projects

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Oh, how I love watching my Leipzig grow and flourish. Today I want to tell you about some of Leipzig’s most exciting contemporary construction projects.

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