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June 2015

Leipzig Events: A “kitchen guerilla,” wine festival, flea markets and more shake up the first week of July

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Food/Lifestyle

Weekly over the months of July and August, well-connected Leipzig resident Marjon Borsboom will be sharing with LeipGlo readers her picks for events in the Leipzig area – a whole array of interesting, diverse stuff. Here is the first instalment. You can find more events at

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Sachsen’s ugly side

in Community/Politics
Neo-nationalist protests in Freital, LVZ-Online

Leipzig is not just cool alternative events and venues and beautiful parks and lakes and not just a sense of community and solidarity, either; unfortunately, as our political columnist explores today, the problem of xenophobia in Leipzig and its region, perhaps most infamously in Dresden, has been tainting the news for a while, long before Pegida and Legida came along.

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I feel pretty… West Side Story

in Culture / Entertainment/Dance
Rifff (Andreas Wolfram) and Bernardo (Rupert Markthaler) Leipzig production of West Side Story. Photo by Ida Zenna.

How does West Side Story relate to Legida or Pegida demonstrations? Our arts and culture insider gives us her views and review on the Broadway and Hollywood classic as currently performed in Leipzig.

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Video: Elton John reveals he’ll retire soon, orders guards away from his enthralled Leipzig audience

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment

Elton John’s performance in Leipzig Sunday afternoon filled me with adrenaline: his snafu with the security guards, his announcement he’ll retire soon, and of course his epic signature songs; thought I’d share it with you here in a little video, shot from my privileged spot right up against the stage.

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Same-sex marriage bans repealed in U.S.

in Glocal/Opinion/Politics/Society

A pragmatic analysis on the international importance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on marriage equality and the dangers and controversy the decision may meet.

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First date etiquette

in Dating
Dating. Photo from Public Domain.

I don’t think that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t even give a second thought to an upcoming first date and the impression you want that other person to get of you.

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