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Inky Ensemble. From left: Stew, Maeshelle, Christijan. Photo provided by Inky Ensemble.
Inky Ensemble. From left: Stew, Maeshelle, Christijan. Photo provided by Inky Ensemble.

Three Leipzig-based international friends with three different writing and performance styles have come together to form the dynamic and eclectic trio Inky Ensemble: Stewart Tunnicliff (from the UK, a short-story writer and poet with striking slam proclivities), Christijan Robert Broerse (from Canada, a poet and musician with strong historical, philosophical and psychological depth) and Maeshelle West-Davies (from US/UK, a prolific visual artist with super-creative performance ideas for spoken word as well). Other friends from Leipzig Writers may join in sometimes, but this is the core group, and I think they complement each other really well.

Good news is that you can catch them from anywhere in the world by tuning in to Radio Blau online Tuesday, July 21, at 10 p.m. Leipzig time. They will be chatting with host David Dichelle, performing some spoken word and playing some songs on the English-language show Continental Subway, on which I also appeared once and had quite a good time.

Inky Ensemble performances scheduled so far for the near future in Leipzig are Poniatowski’s second birthday the afternoon of September 6th; and a creative writing and performance workshop at Das Sprachwohnzimmer in October, out of which participants will get a chance to perform at the Leipzig Writers’ Sofa Stories.

For an Inky Ensemble preview, check out the article I recently wrote about them for the Leipzig Writers blog, and the video below, from their performance at KUK! Festival at HTWK.

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