Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Leipzig Events: Free open-air movie and ice cream at Werk 2 tonight


I think the movie may be dubbed in German (I personally prefer movies subtitled), and maybe you’ve seen it before (I have a couple times), but who cares – it’s free, it’s outside, and you get to eat ice cream with it… also for free! The whole shebang (a stop on the “Ben & Jerry’s Movie Nights” tour) starts at 7 p.m. at Werk 2 in Connewitz (Kochstr. 132), tonight, Monday, July 20. The movie showing itself begins when the sun goes down, around 10 p.m. And oh, the movie? (500) Days of Summer. I find it impossible not to love its quirky cool romantic(ish) duo.

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