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Photo: Magdalena Lagaleriade >>

Refugees Welcome: A Football Match for Equality

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Integration of refugees to a new society and culture is always difficult. They left their countries in a hurry due to war or repressive dictatorships, and they did not have the time to prepare for the complicated transition; leaving home and getting to Europe in one piece was enough to occupy their time and minds. However, the best way to create a space of understanding and community is by celebrating the single passion that unites everyone without prejudice to race, religion, or national origin: Football!!!

The people at “A Match for Equality” a student-led non-for-profit project have the aim of organizing a football tournament for refugees in Leipzig! They plan an upcoming match this Thursday 24 September at the football field of Leipziger FC 04, from 14:00 to 19:00. Entry is free of charge.

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