Leipzig Events: Great ideas for what to do in Leipzig for the next 7 days

Ride into events with us this week, including an actual canoe tour at night...
Ride into events with us this week, including an actual canoe tour at night…

By Marjon Borsboom and Ana Ribeiro

…and ideas are not so hard to come up with, since it’s such a big and diverse week and weekend for events. From Chopin, to Battle of Nations reenactment, a canoe tour by night and a startup tour over two days – or even just sitting and staring at another person – there’s something for everyone to stay entertained and occupied.

15th October ► The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment – Leipzig
From 3 p.m. at Marktplatz: “Let’s share a minute’s eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in Leipzig! This is part of The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment, coordinated by The Liberators International in cities all over the world.” MORE INFO

15th -18th October ► Leipziger Chopin Tage – annual Chopin Days
Piano concerts at various locations. MORE INFO

15th -17th October ► Frauen in der Geschichte Leipzigs – International scientific conference “Women in the history of Leipzig” at Neues Rathaus
Remembering and analyzing the role and achievements of women in local history. MORE INFO

16th & 30th October ► Fackeltours –Torch lit boat tours from Stadthafen
Imagine yourself floating on Leipzig waters in the dark, your surroundings barely illuminated by torches… A guided nightly canoe tour that needs to be booked in advance. MORE INFO

16th – 18th October ► Jahrestag der Völkerschlacht at Torhaus Dölitz & Markkleeberg
Annual re-enactment weekend to commemorate the famous battle with Napoleon in 1813. Witness thousands of people from all over Europe in historic uniforms at a military bivouac. MORE INFO

18th – 25th October ► Lachmesse
A good opportunity to laugh at the annual festival for (German) humour & satire. MORE INFO

21st-22nd October ► Startup Safari Leipzig
“Startup Safary Leipzig is a two-day event that opens the offices of the city’s most interesting startups, VCs, accelerators and incubators for an international audience.” MORE INFO


maeshelle’s tip:

in the dark

16 & 17 October ► In the Dark @ Alte Händelsschule Gym

Three scientists Leonhard Horstmeyer, Robin Lamarche-Perrin and Bruno Pace from the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences, interested in embodied intelligence and movement, have created a wonderful 2x2x2 playground for us to interact in. It consists of two sound-and-light installations that stimulate the interaction of mental processes, body motions and concrete pictures. The Motion Sensor was originally designed for the Moving Cells festival as a link between dance and visual arts. It builds on your own movements to shape fields of particles and gradually provide you with a whole new body.

Fri and Sat 7-10 Gießerstraße 75, Leipzig

“Antonien-/Gießerstr.” or “Adler”, line 1, 2, 3 or bus 60

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