Take me to church! Indie Folk on Saturday


Here’s a gig that we have all reason to look forward to. Danish singer and songwriter Lasse Matthiessen and Dutch band Black Oak will play at the Philippus Church in Leipzig-Lindenau, Aurelienstrasse 54 on Saturday, 16 April.

A few words about the artists: Black Oack was formed by Geert van der Velde (The Black Atlantic) and Thijs Kuiken (I am Oak), the latter of which is responsible for my personal musical highlight of the year, Geest. Listen to their 2015 single “Gallop” of their forthcoming album, Equinox.

Lasse Matthiessen, whose father is a jazz musician and producer, was lucky enough to meet music legends like Bill Frisell and John Scofield as well as jazz icon Miles Davis in his childhood. He joined a choir at the tender age of 9 and composed his first songs when he was just 13. Fast forward to 2016, and he’s produced 4 albums since his debut album Stray Dog in 2007. You can check out some of his stuff on his website and/or watch his last single, Seven Ravens.

To stream more great indie folk music online, here’s the latest installment of the great indie folk mix series on YouTube. And if you feel like experiencing some of the best representatives of the genre live, be sure not to miss Music with Friends № IV on Saturday at 8pm. Tickets are €12 in advance when acquired at HAFEN (Merseburger Strasse 38) or Wärmehalle Süd (Eichendorffstraße 7). Alternatively, you can buy them at the door for a few bob more (€15).


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