Openings and Premieres: 21-27 April

Katrin Heichel – N O C T U R A M A @ G2 Kunsthalle
Katrin Heichel – N O C T U R A M A @ G2 Kunsthalle

21 Apr ►Katrin Heichel – N O C T U R A M A@ G2 Kunsthalle

22 April to 7 August
Opening: Thur 21 April  6pm
G2 Kunsthalle, Dittrichring 13, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

G2 Kunsthalle presents Katrin Heichel’s first solo exhibition, N O C T U R A M A, where darkness is the starting point for light and color. Katrin Heichel is a well established Lepizig painter who studied at the HGB under Arno Rink, and who was a master student of Neo Rauch.

Iván Pérez's Flesh with Leipzig Ballet @ Schauspiel Leipzig, photo by Ida Zenna
Iván Pérez’s Flesh with Leipzig Ballet @ Schauspiel Leipzig, photo by Ida Zen

22 Apr ►FLESH – 3-teiliger Ballettabend von Iván Pérez in Kooperation mit dem Leipziger Ballett @  Schauspiel Leipzig

This is a double premiere, because the Leipzig Ballet will be in an unfamiliar place. It’s the first time for them to dance on the stage of the Schauspielhaus. “FLESH” includes three pieces from the Netherlands-based Spanish choreographer Iván Pérez. Before studying choreography in Madrid, he danced for the Nederlands Dans Theater and the IT Dansa Barcelona. Since 2011, he has devoted himself entirely to his choreographic work for the Nederlands Dans Theater and major international ballet companies.

The three pieces of Iván Pérez fathom human relations, its manifestations and limits. In “Skyward”, the journey of a group of young people exploring their emotions in respect to freedom or fight is depicted. “Kick the bucket” is not dying, as the title suggests, on the contrary: it is about conscious living. The duet is full of extreme feelings, indented sensitivity and strength. In connection with music of the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and the American Eric Whitacre‘s “Flesh”, a work full of emotional and intellectual intensity. The very personal choreography of the artist revolves around themes such as loss and life after death found in people’s memories.

22/23 Apr, 7/20/29 May 19:30

Anna Kolosova, After Berlin @ Helmut
Anna Kolosova, After Berlin @ Helmut

22 Apr ►After Berlin / Anna Kolosova / vernissageHelmut

AFTER BERLIN/Live Combine (Interact) by Anna Kolosava
Vernissage Fri 22 April at 19.00
with special guests:


DJ John Horton

The energetic force Anna Kolosava bridges the gap between life and art by creating the possibility to actually enter the work. One becomes part of the work and thereby witnesses the transformation as others do.

Anna grew up in Riga, Latvia until the age of 12, when her family moved to Moscow. For the past 8 years, she has lived in London where she fell in love with American postwar art. Where Rauschenberg blurred the boundaries between painting and scultpture, Anna adds performance, participation and theatre to the mix.

When she visited Berlin last year, it awakened something deep within her. The mix of Germanic and postwar Russian architecture of her childhood made Berlin feel like home immediately. She had initially gone there for parties and art, but eventually found a feeling of belonging. This liberated her and freed up her concept of space.

Constructing the work on site in “After Berlin”, Anna will immerse herself in the former East German city of Leipzig. What will that free up?

Julia Theobalt & Rose Dunseth MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE @ Gone Fishing
Julia Theobalt & Rose Dunseth MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE @ Gone Fishing


Vernissage: 23 April 23 6-9
Exhibition: Sun 24 April -Sun 1 May 12-3

A Matter of Perspective is a joint exhibition of newly minted Leipzigers, Julia Theobalt and Rose Dunseth. Theobalt, a transplant from Berlin, paints with raw wood and perspex, investigating ideas around Hard Edge Abstraction and Minimalism. The rough organic material provides a visceral contrast to the lustrous or glowing neon finish, giving the work a tangible sense of life. These are squares with a mind of their own. Dunseth, most recently of Savannah, Georgia, presents a series of paintings which represent her return to the two-dimensional. Saccharine paintings of latex fantasy constructions, these works pay homage to the artist’s longstanding fixation on that odd little accessory beloved by scientists and housewives alike: the latex glove.


Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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