Sunday brunch in Leipzig, anyone?


I remember my first brunch. I  lived in Atlanta and a group of us went to the cutest little house that had been converted into a restaurant. The food, laughs and mimosas were endless.

Sunday is the perfect day to brunch, and Leipzig has more and more on offer. But what can we expect? Well, to my distress and that of my fellow ‘Amis’, many people here don’t know what a mimosa is. For me, as a vegetarian, it’s also pretty heavy on the cold cuts. I’ve tried lots of places in Leipzig, and found most of them to be unimaginative.

Below you’ll find a quick guide to some places I’ve found worth my time and money:

Stelzenhaus 14.90€

Excellent food, great architecture and it’s on the canal, so afterwards you can take an interesting walk or just stay there. They have a good selection of breakfast items and then bring out lunch. It’s THE place to pamper yourself.

Alex 11.90€

For me the best thing about Alex is sitting outside on a nice day. Such a lovely setting with Goethe and the Alte Börse on one side and the Alte Rathaus on the other. They have a wide selection of breakfast basics. Nothing fancy, but it’s quite cheap.

Fra Diavolo 15€

Also in city centre with outdoor seating available. The first time I went there was because an Italian friend told  me it was the best place for Italian food. And that’s quite a compliment! I like it because there is plenty of tasty antipasti on offer.

Kowalski 14.90€

This place has a great selection of interesting food. Always 6-7 different kinds of salad, 3 scrambled egg options, 11 in season warm dishes, cold cuts and 9 dessert choices. Plus the standards.

I am still open to discovering new options. Anyone want to share their experiences?

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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