Your chance to win a Stadtschwärmer guide!

Stadtschwärmer is a glossy, aesthetically appealing and informative guide to Leipzig. Read about it and find out how to win one.
This beautiful book could be yours. Photo courtesy of the Stadtschwärmer team.

A place in the sun and the whole city!

Last week we introduced you to the Stadtschwärmer – a cool and beautiful guide about Leipzig. There, we promised that a sweepstakes would take place this week. So here it is!

We will conduct the raffle on the LEIPGLO Facebook page on May 29th (Sunday). To participate you just need to leave a comment on the official Facebook post, naming your favorite place in the city to spend sunny moments!

Before introducing the rules of our raffle, we just want to say that we love these campaigns. Through them, it is possible for us to share with you things we appreciate! They are a big chance to say “thank you” for following us!

We also would like to thank the four Stadtschärmerinnen Babett Börner, Franziska Müller, Katrin Hofmann and Stephanie Schmidt. The book/prize for this sweepstakes is courtesy of the Stadtschwärmer team. To get closer details about their work, we highly recommend you to follow their social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and visit their website. We are fans!

There is no doubt that the winner of this wonderful guide will have a new compass to (re)discover Leipzig! We wish all the participants lots of luck!

How to win the Stadtschwärmer

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions:

1. This raffle/sweepstakes is not affiliated with or sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. By participating, the participant accepts all the conditions of participation. Violation of such conditions renders the participant ineligible for the sweepstakes. The organizer can abort or end the sweepstakes at any time and without declaring the reasons for such.

2. The raffle period starts on May 26th, 2016, at 06:00 p.m. and ends on May 29th, 2016, at 12:00 p.m. (time of execution of the raffle).

3. ONE Stadtschwärmer guide can be won via participation in the sweepstakes.

4. Registration for the sweepstakes happens by leaving a comment on the official Facebook post, naming your favourite place in the city to spend sunny moments!

5. Comments that go against the rules of Facebook, etiquette or copyright, will be deleted after notice is given. The participant is then excluded from the competition.

6. Eligible to participate are people who live in Germany. Regular writers or other contributors to THE LEIPZIG GLOCAL, as well as their relatives, are not eligible to participate.

7. The raffle will be closed after its execution on May 29th, 2016, with the guarantee of neutrality of the decision-makers (we use an independent app for the raffle).

8. We will inform the winner via a private message on Facebook and with a reply to her/his comment. This post will also be updated with the winner’s profile name. If the winner doesn’t confirm the acceptance of her/his prize within seven days, s/he forfeits the prize without the possibility of getting it back. There is no obligation to accept the prize. If that is the case, another winner will be picked.

9. In the case of acceptance, the prize will be sent by post to an agreed address in Germany, within seven days after the winner’s address in determined.

Stadtschwärmer is a glossy, aesthetically appealing and informative guide to Leipzig. Read about it and find out how to win one.
The Stadtschwärmer guide has a section in English. Photo courtesy of the Stadtschwärmer team.
In case you haven't heard, there's a big Catholic celebration going on in Leipzig. And it's happened literally 100 times before. But if the Church isn't your thing, you can still visit the lovely Südfriedhof Cemetery, which also has a big anniversary this week and special events to go with it. And you can also go and have a beer (or 10) at the Leipzig Beer Festival going on right next door, at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.
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