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DigitalRepublic contest offers €10,000 for best startup ideas in Leipzig

Up for boxing (with pitches) to get money for your digital startup?
Up for boxing (with pitches) to get money for your digital startup?

Startups are springing up like mushrooms in the forest, but having what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up is a different story. Think you’ve got it? Thought up a brilliant idea you’d like to jumpstart? During the startup contest “The Ramp,” from 6-21 Nov., 2015, bright and ambitious entrepreneurs will directly compete against each other to win the audience’s favor. It’s up to the public to decide their success or defeat in the competition. It will be connected to #DigitalRepublic‘s pop-up store event at Grimmaische Straße 9-11 at Leipzig Zentrum.

The candidates have a limited time to present and can decide themselves how to fill that time. After several rounds, the top three competitors will receive a total of €10,000 in prize money, a decent boost to climb the career ladder. The deadline to sign up is October 30th. All budding startup ideas must be related to the topic of digital lifestyle. The application documents must describe in detail the idea behind the startup, why it’s related to the subject of digital lifestyle, and provide a few words on the entrepreneur(s) behind it. When you’re ready, e-mail it to

– Information from #DigitalRepublic press office.

For more info on the contest, visit To view some really successful pitch decks (think Facebook and Airbnb), visit

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