#TechTavern: come and sit by the fire

Starting #TechTavern has been quite the journey. Making the commitment to share, in this column, stories about the struggles of being a founder, the anatomy of creative ecosystems, and the impact of technology on society is not one we take lightly.

Taylor Harvey. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)
Taylor Harvey. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

We know these conversations happen everyday. And whenever I have the fortune to do so with fellow writers Ned and Shreyansh, I find myself having more clarity and inspiration to continue building towards a brighter future.

However, the joy of these discussions alone is rarely enough to encourage one to write. The real catalyst is the family we’ve stumbled upon by sharing our idealistic, ambitious views, as well as our struggles as creators. A place and a community of people pursuing to push the limits, in a world that often bluntly says “no.” A bubble where the impossible feels possible.

We’ve been able to stumble onto something so precious, so unintentionally – simply by sharing our ideas with those who happen to be around us.

More importantly, we learned that we are not alone.

So while writing is not a primary passion for any of us, feeling connected – and connecting – is. Words become the channel for expression, as well as deeper self-discovery. We have to take the time to understand ourselves. We have to take time to think about how to express these ideas, which helps us better understand why we create and what we want to build.

Shreyansh Surana. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)
Shreyansh Surana. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

With that said, we hope you enjoy all that is to come at #TechTavern.

Expect to dive into what it means to navigate the day to day struggles of founding from Shreyansh, a serial entrepreneur who loves culture and food just as much as he loves gushing about the founders that inspire him.

Expect to get hilarious & insightful takes on the impact technology is making on our lives from Ned, a utilitarianist who loves guitar solos – and who is looking to drag as many students into the creative technology bubble as possible.

Expect me, Taylor – an introverted misfit who’s passionate about creating and sharing meaningful experiences – to explore how the cultural differences between East Germany and Silicon Valley impact how we should support creativity and entrepreneurship.

You’ll hear from one of our #TechTavern contributors every two weeks about a topic that relates to technology, culture, startups, and creativity.

Ned O'Hara. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)
Ned O’Hara. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

We don’t want to do this alone and would love to have more contributors (read: we need more perspectives than those of three young men who moved to Leipzig not so long ago).

We want to hear your thoughts and experiences on anything we share, so please comment and start a discussion with us via the hashtag #TechTavern on Twitter.

Lastly, if you have a story you want help telling or if you’re doing something cool we should spotlight, just reach out at contact@leipglo.com, and we’ll connect to discuss more.

…And if our beliefs resonate, we’re looking forward to building something special with you.

Cover photo: Patrick Bauer

Taylor Harvey is a Chicago native who loves building creative communities and meaningful learning experiences. He loves sharing the stories of awesome people and discussing creative culture. When he's not creating something, he loves playing basketball and strategy board games, and uncovering the truths of life.

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