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It’s July – like Tinder for families!


It’s July is a family matchmaking platform that offers an innovative way to meet like-minded families. Cultivating new friendships and creating unique, shared experiences. Think Tinder for families meets Airbnb Experiences – this, in essence, is what they do. The platform uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to match families based on age, number of


Sub_Bar – subfrequencies and haptic art


With Sub_Bar, Eufonia launches a pioneering series of events exploring music, subfrequencies, and the haptic sense. Our sense of touch, ignored by compositional practices, is home to our deepest memories and most instinctive reactions. It speaks a language of pain and pleasure, trauma and comfort, summer and winter. What happens when we stimulate it with


Interview: Die Leipziger Integrationsmesse 2022


Nach einer langen Unterbrechung durch die Pandemie findet die Integrationsmesse der Stadt Leipzig endlich wieder in Präsenz statt. Im Interview sprechen wir mit Jakob Lanman Niese, Mitarbeiter des Referats für Migration und Integrations der Stadt Leipzig, über die im Juni stattfindende Messe. Die Messe wird veranstaltet von der Stadt Leipzig und dem gemeinützigen Verein ARBEIT


Lichtspiele des Westens lights up the winter darkness


Lichtspiele des Westens braves the pandemic with an outdoor extravaganza of artists' installations and projects. Find out what the creatives behind this Leipziger institution put together for the public.


German elections: four internationals, four opinions


Four Leipzig Glocal friends and contributors shared their insights and concerns about this upcoming pivotal election with us. Find out what Gabriel, Indigo, Mohamed, and Chloé have to say about this momentous election.


Pivoting Toward Wholeness


Creative writer Maggy shares her technique to improve your everyday life: pivoting. Find out how you can benefit from this tool that can help you out on daily basis.

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