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Dear Prudence: Christ-miss


Dear Prudence, The Season is upon us, ready or not. There are Christmas carols in every shop. Everyone has forgotten basic manners towards their fellow frantic last-minute shoppers. I’m not saying it’s the endless renditions of “We wish you a merry Christmas”, but I’m not saying it isn’t, either. However it may be, the excitement


Dear Prudence: navigating a mixed-faith family


Dear Prudence, I got into a pickle with my partner the other day and I’m hoping you can help. We have a toddler, a very precocious 3-year-old boy. Recently we lost a very dear family friend in a terrible accident. Our son knew them well and was very fond of them. Of course, this has


Ask Prudence: Connection and Boundaries


Dear Prudence, I am a Master’s student at Uni Leipzig and I have been here since the start of the first semester in October. However, I am struggling to meet people outside of my class. Especially with restrictions limiting our access to other people anyway! I am looking both for friends and potential partners. Where