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Review: A second opinion on Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth

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In the spirit of giving a forum to as many voices as possible on LeipGlo, we present a different perspective we received on the English Theatre Leipzig’s latest production.

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The Good, The Rough, The Revenant

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Once you’ve settled in your seat, you’ll soon forget there’s popcorn on your lap since the movie will have you devoured from the word go.

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Review: Mistress America

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She’s pretty in an accessible way, optimistic even in her bleakest moments, and the type of person you both want to be and to avoid being. It’s just like that in her latest film, Mistress America. You can watch it tonight in Leipzig, in the original, at Kinobar Prager Frühling.

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Bridge of Spies

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Steven Spielberg’s latest movie stars Tom Hanks as an Atticus Finch-type character defending a marginalized person in American society: in this case a suspected Soviet spy in the Cold War era. You can catch the movie at Leipzig’s Luru Kino tonight.

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Stage and Screen: The Stars Strike Back

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The force acts as one – that’s what happens when two geeky sic-fi vigilantes and Leipglo columnists go to watch Star Wars.

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Mac batty beth

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Something witty this way comes via English Theatre Leipzig

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