Services, offers and fun in Leipzig.

SWDC: BATS live, and in Widescreen


60 minutes is not a long time, but BATS manages to evoke love, playfulness, fear, hate, loneliness, and more.




Here are a few insights on how to get started in your new Heimat and find job opportunities with Stadt Leipzig.


Die Villa and its legendary Sprachabend


"In Die Villa I have learned Slovak and a few words of Esperanto; I have practised Arabic; and I feel like I am well on the way to finally mastering French slang."


Moritzbastei: lunch at the old city fortress


Moritzbastei is hard to miss - it's a huge building located in the city center, right next to the main Leipzig University campus. If you live or have been to Leipzig, you've probably at least walked by it. It's a popular tourist attraction and cultural center, hosting concerts, plays, and other events, besides serving yummy


Afeefa Leipzig – Your urban guide to participation


Afeefa is a great resource for all Leipziger. We show you what this map for internationals has to offer and how you can use it for all kinds of Leipzig offerings.


9 local Leipzig foods not to miss – beyond Allerlei


LeipGlo team member and native Leipziger Lisa Renner lists off some of the tastiest and most interesting Leipzig specialties.

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