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A tasty alternative for people who crave but cannot eat regular sushi (such as pregnant women)

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Our food columnist is a sushi lover and has been craving it, but cannot eat raw meat or fish, since she’s pregnant – so what to do? She found a simple, yummy alternative we think you will love, too.

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#WeeklyHaiku: Voyeur

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From a safe distance/
Watching her daily doings/
‘Til she notices
(Ana Beatriz Ribeiro)

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Freed and trapped by a nomad lifestyle

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Moroccan salesman encountered at Atlas Mountains, Morocco, January 2010.

Wanderlust: Is it a matter of nature or nurture? In my travel column this week, I talk a little bit about our collective evolution as wanderers and settlers and my own path as a member of a “transnational tribe” of sorts – which has enriched my existence but brought me its share of heartache and perhaps an irremediable lack of roots. I will also be sharing some of my views on the subject, and more, on Radio Blau’s Continental Subway tonight at 10.

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I left Leipzig but Leipzig never left me

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Fellow journalist and blogger Débora Miranda describes how moving from Lisbon to Leipzig changed her life. Several years later, it has led her to write a book about her experiences as a European (and world) citizen since that very first step in 2006.

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#WeeklyHaiku: Leipzig

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Not love at first sight/ Your beauty hooked me with time/ Hidden nooks to find (Ana Beatriz Ribeiro)

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10 songs for the beginning of a relationship

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Songs for beginning of relationship or fling. https://leipglo.com

Possible romantic inspiration – and cringe-worthy picks.

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