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The former Soviet Pavillion

in Cityscapes/History
Spire atop the Russian Pavilion, photo by maeshelle

Relic or space of the future? a look at the Russian Pavillion

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Freiimfelde‬: Empty? or a blank canvas?

in Arts/Places to see

Halle’s Freiraumgalerie is always open…

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Leipzig’s urban prairie, dream spaces

in Cityscapes/History

Apart from intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Leipzig exhibits another type of freedom that is the envy of every growing metropolis: spatial freedom.

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Crazy for Baroque

in Leipzig/Places to see

Amidst the autumn leaves, fallen on the ground with their brown, orange, yellow, golden colours, stand the palace gardens with their baroque design of meanders and circles, forever green.

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Plagwitz: a kind of correspondence

in Cityscapes/Leipzig
Westwerk in Plagwitz photo by A. KLIUSHNYK

There is an old Jewish proverb I love: “We don’t see things as they are but as we are.”

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