MdbK: Olga Costa – plasticity, texture, weight


“Plasticity, texture, weight.” These are some of the words used by Dr. Stefan Weppelmann to describe the use of colour by Olga Costa. Dr. Weppelmann is the director of the Museum of Fine Arts (MdbK) in Leipzig. The work of Leipzig-born artist Olga Costa is currently being exhibited in Europe for the first time. From


Viktor Witkowski – seeing beyond the physical


In its earlier styles, art was generally meant to represent nature. But modern art, and abstract art, in particular, has often professed to embody its operations. Thus Jackson Pollock’s celebrated affirmation: “I am nature!” Today, technological developments range from digital imaging to actual cloning of organisms. Our sense of both reality and its representation is


Undine Bandelins Gastmahl


Goodbye. Das große Fressen ist vorbei. Die Zunge ist gelockert. Der Wein schiebt das Karussell an, der Wein hält und schiebt und hält und schiebt und hält um schließlich anzuschieben das Karussell an. Unter der Zunge taut und friert und taut und friert um schließlich ganz Rutschbahn zu sein, ein Blitzeis nach dem Fressen. Da


Michiko Saiki’s Voices of Women: on Acceptance and Affirmation


How to bore an audience: provide one-dimensional characters. So many of us are pigeon-holed and stereotyped. In her multimedia performance, Voices of Women (Stimmen der Frauen), Michiko Saiki examines the multiplicity that is woman. We are not just baby-making machines. We are living, breathing creatures with unique stories to tell. Look into our eyes. Read