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#LeckerLeipzig: Lynda’s Best Brownies

Be the life of any party with my mother's brownies.


#LeckerLeipzig: Stoned?

home cooking with a special surprise....it's vegan, though you'd never guess it from the taste


Yum Yum All You Can Eat 7€

Fill up Syrian style


#LeckerLeipzig: Autumn in a bowl

Simple, delicious and vegetarian!


#LeckerLeipzig: Special Tarte aux Pommes

That's not apple pie! That's Alexandra's Tarte aux Pommes et Caramel Beurre salé for #LeckerLeipzig!


Internationalized Leipzig native and her creative space


Corina, the blogger behind thisistopa.wordpress.com, was perhaps the first person to welcome LeipGlo to the cybersphere, by leaving a friendly comment on our page. Since then I've been following her blog and really enjoy the mix of creative veins she brings in: photography, food, writing, lifestyle and entertainment tips always with her very particular touch