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Finding myself in Leipzig (without knowing I was lost)

in My Leipzig/Philosophies
Empty Leipzig streets
Leipzig city center. Photo by Dierk Gut, public domain.

“Every day I woke up with a smile and a slight hangover in a bed with a frame that was completely broken.”

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Glitz (check), glamour (check), gifts (oops)

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig
Can't beat Butlers for party place settings. (photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Out of gift ideas? Maybe these suggestions will work, or at least get your creative juices flowing.

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From LE to LA: the kindness of strangers

in Philosophies/Travel
Beach front property in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, photo maeshelle west-davies

What surprised me was what I got from the people. I had forgotten how good it feels to smile and be smiled back at. I know some say Americans are superficially nice, but I miss that friendliness. Every day I went to the boardwalk of Venice Beach in LA, I got hugs for no reason at all.

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New in town? Hungry? Vokü for you!

in Food/Leipzig tips/My Leipzig
curry butternut squash soup with fresh bread & baked pumpkin seeds, Photo credit: valkyrieh116 via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Wed 16 Nov: Helmut & KulthuM, Thur 17 Nov: Japanisches Hau

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With friends like these

in Glocal/Society
photo supplied by Kate Tyndall; graduation in Veneto.

Graduation, Veneto style: The insults in the papiro are sometimes biting, the secrets divulged are intentionally embarrassing, but I will admit that watching left me feeling a bit jealous.

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