Gemrieli: a taste of Georgian hospitality


It is said that if you can touch the table with one finger between the many dishes at a Georgian supra, there are not enough! Georgian hospitality is the stuff of legend. Traditional home-cooked food and fine wines attracted 1.6 million international tourists to Georgia in 2022 – many on gastronomic and wine-tasting tours. So


Georgia: ancient cave town to mountaintop church


"My lasting memory of Sighnaghi is, without a doubt, the relaxed stupor the place lured me into. This is aside from the layers of juxtaposing splendor afforded by the combination of adorable architecture, unspoiled fields and assertive mountains."


Georgia: architecture, wine and murderous dictators

"We stood with mouths agape. Alas, no light was to be shed on the very odd spectacle to which we had just borne witness."