Solitude ballet by Mario Schröder

This LeipGlo contributor managed to experience the Leipzig Ballet production Solitude just before the second lockdown shuttered all cultural events. Now you have a chance to see it yourself!


Pandemic travel: my post-lockdown trip to Rome

"A post-lockdown flight isn’t on everyone’s plans in 2020, but for those adventurous few considering a trip, I hope this article helps you decide whether the rewards might be worthwhile."


Out of lockdown: 5 bars where to reconnect with Leipzig

With the lockdown easing up, Leipzig's gastronomy sorely needs customers as it tentatively reawakens. Local tour guide Dirk walks you thru some of his favorite bars across the city to get you back into the Kneipenkultur.


Ghanaian student now 103 days on Wuhan lockdown


Before his forced, indefinite isolation during Covid-19 times in Wuhan, China, this young medicine student from Ghana felt he had his future figured out, and a bright one at that, planning to further his studies abroad and apply what he learned back home.


Cocktail Open Mic Vol 12 beamed from lockdown

Cocktail Open Mic Vol 12 is on! From your house, to our house and back to your house with intros by our ever-so-cheeky host, Peter Seaton-Clark. Send video by 1 April to be featured. We'll all watch together 3 April on the Cocktail Open Mic Facebook page.