multimedia performance

maeshelle west-davies: not alone 2.0


maeshelle west-davies debuts her latest performance piece, not alone 2.0, at Helmut on Friday, 11 March 2022. She is well-known in art and culture circles in Leipzig, where she has lived and worked as an artist, MC and event producer for many years. Raised in the US, maeshelle spent several years living in the UK


Michiko Saiki’s Voices of Women: on Acceptance and Affirmation


How to bore an audience: provide one-dimensional characters. So many of us are pigeon-holed and stereotyped. In her multimedia performance, Voices of Women (Stimmen der Frauen), Michiko Saiki examines the multiplicity that is woman. We are not just baby-making machines. We are living, breathing creatures with unique stories to tell. Look into our eyes. Read