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Gentrification: the death of Karl Heine?

in My Leipzig/Opinion
wild flowers in Plagwitz photo by maeshelle west-davies

We saw the trophy girlfriends and the tight, white t-shirts of Audi owners who were now parking on the street.

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Cool places to watch the Euro Cup in Leipzig

in Sports/What's on
Hence, those of you in Leipzig will be able to watch the Euro Cup live on TV in the evening. Here at The Leipzig Glocal, we want to give you a few tips on where you can go out to watch the games and add the social component (and beer!!!) to the beautiful game! https://leipglo.com
Football. Public Domain Photo, Pixabay.

Oh la la!!!! The Euro Cup 2016 is starting and The Leipzig Glocal tells you where to watch it.

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5 Gems of Gohlis

in Food/My Leipzig
Super dog friendly Gohlis, photo by Stewart Tunniclif

Which is your favourite quarter of Leipzig? Stewart gives us 5 of the reasons he lives in Gohlis.

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A spontaneous night out in Connewitz

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig/Music/Party
The inside of UT Connewitz before the detektor.fm concert Saturday night. Photo by A. Ribeiro.

Listening to Roosevelt go through their set, drinking up their beats and loops and the atmosphere, I thought of hits I very much enjoy by Daft Punk, The Temper Trap and 2000s Depeche Mode, and also specifically the Alex Adair remix of Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me,” which I obsessively listened to for a few days after a dear friend showed it to me.

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Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain, Part III – Pamplona

in Travel

There’s much more to Pamplona than the bull run and bull fights – this beautiful, lively, laid-back city surprised me and left a mark on me even in the very short time I was there.

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Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain, Part II – Madrid

in Travel
Me toasting the gods with Mahou at Templo de Debod, Madrid. Photo by M. Todeschini.

My mission in Madrid this time around, with an old like-minded friend and now a local of the city: to experience some of the best in food, drink, nightlife and general fun across Madrid’s barrios, without so much of the obvious sightseeing – with a bit of work thrown in, believe it or not.

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