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Personal Shopper: more than a fluff party

in Movies/Reviews
Kirsten Stewart reaches new heights in Personal shopper.

Out on DVD, blu-ray and digital, Personal Shopper will have you wondering what is making those noises you didn’t hear before watching it.

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Reclaiming one’s German heritage

in Philosophies/Society
Central European map. Public domain image

On a personal level, I can now feel the profound healing of knowing and owning my identity, as well as not having any divisions of our homeland coming in between the sides of my family.

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Curators in South Korea: Babi Badalov

in Arts/Politics/Society
Babi Badalov Car-Pet-Alism

Fighting the good fight: the multicultural future of humanity.

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Interview: Who got Christianity wrong?

in Philosophies/Society

“Although they call themselves traditionalists, they are really ‘pop culture Christians’ reading into the Gospels non-existent antipathy to things like gay marriage and socialized medicine.”

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English Breakfast, anyone?

in Glocal/Politics

Please EU, just have a cup of tea and be patient, scrambled eggs are off the menu.

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Leipzig Catholics: the 4.4%

in Opinion
Photo credit: ULTRAbstract via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Let’s just imagine for a moment the outrage, if it had been Leipzig’s Muslim 3% instead of the Catholic 4.4% getting this support and spotlight.

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