Performance art

Pilotenkueche at its best: floating rooms, slasher films


The vernissage will give you a chance to engage with the artists and their work that raises important social, political and personal questions, product of their immersion into the PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program in Leipzig.


LOFFT current status: critical

The LOFFT brings cutting edge performances that reflect our time. It would be very disruptive to the Leipzig art scene were they to be without a stage.


Keep frozen part 3


keep frozen part 3 takes us to the docks of Iceland


Sequel for the future / a dance in 2043 / a dance in 2044

From the moment Sonja Pregrad and Willy Prager hit the stage at the Lofft last night they had me. While the piece followed the rules of modern choreography and used all the cliches we’d expect, somehow it was full of surprises. It was an inciteful and humorous look at what is happening in dance/art/performance, right