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Catalonia and Spain: it’s complicated

in Opinion/Politics
Will the Catalonian coat of arms remain part of the Spanish one after Sunday's referendum?

When asked why they want independence, many Catalans say they have their own language and culture. Yesterday, Spain disagreed by force.

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Curators in South Korea: Babi Badalov

in Arts/Politics/Society
Babi Badalov Car-Pet-Alism

Fighting the good fight: the multicultural future of humanity.

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Curators in South Korea: Ahmet Öğüt

in Arts/History/Reviews

How are we united through the deaths of others?

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Saxony: the deadly cost of missed communication

in Opinion/Politics
Photo via Visualhunt.com

The unwillingness to keep a translator nearby and not providing linguistic support for callers reporting a crime (or a criminal’s whereabouts) demonstrate a lack of commitment to tackling the complex demands of living in a globalised city.

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How do we tackle online hate speech?

in Opinion/Society

A disturbing picture is emerging, of a government forced to resort to censorship – and related arrests – in the face of fear.

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Benedikt Braun: actus coitus P(r)ost Kapitalist

in Arts/O & P Highlights

It is with a deliciously irreverent sense of humor that absurdist Benedikt Braun sees the state of the world.

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